Proven Track Record:

EevolveIT has over three decades of design and administration experience in operational and infrastructure solutions encompassing system and network integration, cross-functional team management, and alignment with successful growth strategies. We have a proven track record with integrating hardware, software, database and networking solutions, accelerating efficiency and scalability.

Expertise- Startup and Small Business:

  • Custom tailored solutions including dial in solutions on a budget
  • Work with given budgets and provide custom options to reduce inefficiencies
  • Trusted guidance to turn to for solving technical problems of difficult scope and complexity
  • Include ongoing support during any significant change or large task.
  • Written proposals, forecasting and budgeting
  • Innovative and flexible cloud computing solutions that ensure value, security, and control
  • Proven track record integrating hardware, software, database and networking solutions accelerating efficiency and scalability

Phased Approach

  • The planning phase involves a comprehensive Production Audit to give you a 360 degree view of your production, workflow and technology needs. We then supply you with a tailored Solution Specification.
  • The implementation phase will involve planning the purchase of required technology, installing and integrating it, and re-designing your workflows. The system is then tested thoroughly before Go Live! and handed over to you.
  • The Support Phase starts with coaching and training which would be detailed in your knowledge transfer plan. Where possible, this will be based on your business’ current productions. For the longer term, we provide a range of Support Packages to meet your needs and budget.

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