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EevolveIT is an industry-leading small business solution service that provides custom IT services for your company, cost effectively.

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One stop Shop

From daily support to strategic consulting, our teams are dedicated to your peace-of-mind, at half the cost of a full-time IT staff person. With over three decades providing successful IT solutions EevolveIT’s team provides immediate response times.

Contact Us: 310-447-4500

Supporting all business sizes and locations

By partnering with your business to provide custom solutions, including dial in solutions on a budget and work with given budgets to provide custom options to accelerate efficiency and scalability while reducing inefficiencies.

Contact Us: 310-447-4500

Your IT and technology Partner

By providing expertise in business processes, platform solutions and intelligent automation, we help companies integrate agile and responsive workflows to help efficiency

Digital Systems & Technology

Simplifying, modernizing and securing the IT infrastructure and applications that are the backbone of your business


EevolveIT is an industry-leading small business solution service that delivers custom IT tools and services for your company, cost effectively.

IT solutions are diverse in scale, function, and cost. So why is it that so many IT consultants and vendors recommend the same systems to both the 500-person manufacturing client and the 5-person e-commerce startup? Your company has its own unique DNA – industry, size, budget, technical aptitude, and more. It’s time to throw cookie cutter IT advice out the window.

It’s time to EevolveIT


Upgrades to existing infrastructure and services, guidance on solutions that are appropriate for your small or medium businesses.


On-site and remote desktop, ongoing support and help desk services, available one-time or for as often as you need.  Your own assigned technician, not an offshore call center!


Our approach to solving problems includes over three decades of experience and a mission to focus on service and solutions that supports our client’s best interest.


Expert advice and creation of disaster recovery plans, including migration of data while insuring compliance.  Assistance with security audits and making sure your IT environment is secure.

Eevolve your IT support

The IT decisions you make today will impact your business in the future. Successfully balancing your IT needs of the present with a roadmap for the future will keep upfront costs low, maximize returns on your investment in technology, and prepare you for all the what-if scenarios that a growing business encounters.

Whether your company is growing quickly, or you’re reading this from a laptop on a stack of moving boxes in your brand new office space, EevolveIT will help you achieve and succeed. With over three decades of combined knowledge in IT, operations, design, and infrastructure, our staff is uniquely positioned to address your companies needs.  Our quick response times, remote support capabilities, and years of IT experience will help you keep your edge over the competition and free you up to worry about the big picture.

Managed Services that fit your company’s needs, Realistic Strategies, Help Desk Support, Less Downtime, Unlimited Support, Affordable Budgets, Infrastructure Solutions, Backup-Security & Business Continuity


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